The Faith of The Prophet's Blessed Parents 


The great multitude of Muhaqqiq Ulama (research scholars) of the Ahl-e-Sunnah wal Jamaat state that the Respected Parents of the Prophet are successful and are enjoying the cool breezes of Paradise.   In reaching this position the Ulama have adopted one of three paths.

 First Path

The first opinion is that they belong to the age known as the 'Age of Fitrah'. The most recent (to this age) Prophet to have been sent was Hazrat Isa . After him Six hundred long years had passed during which time the revelation 'Injeel' had been subjected to many deliberate changes. Instead of referring to Hazrat Isa as Abd'ullah (servant of Allah) and Rasul'ullah (Prophet of Allah) his ummah became entangled in a web of ignorance and began calling him Ibn'ullah (son of Allah). Thus from where were the people of this age to obtain guidance? From whom were they to hear the Kalima of Haq (word of truth)? This is further exacerbated by the fact that Hazrat Isa was sent to guide the Bani Isra'il. The inhabitants of Hijaaz were not within his domain (of preaching). Hazrat Isa did not preach to them for it was not part of his remit and nor did his companions take this task upon themselves.  Thus the people of this age are referred to in the following verse of the Quran:

  "And we do not punish anyone until we send a Prophet (towards them)"

Allaama Ali bin Burhaan uddin in his Seerah Halbiya writes "Allaama ibn Hajar Al Haytami has stated that it is the clear truth and there is no doubt that all of the Ahl-ul- Fitrah are worthy of salvation. The Ahl-ul-Fitrah is those to whom was sent no such Prophet who could bring them to believe in Allah. Even the Arabs of the time of the Bani Isra'il Prophets were part of the Ahl-ul-Fitrah because the Prophets of the Bani Isra'il were not ordered to invite the Arabs to believe in Allah. Their domain of preaching was confined to the Bani Israil' (Seerat ul Halbiya vol 1 p 103)

The above mentioned verse is supported by this second Ayah

"And you Lord does not destroy the settlements until he has sent a Prophet to their major city"

The Ulama have divided the Ahl-e- Fitrah into three groups

1) The first are those people who used their own intelligence to conclude in the belief of the Tawhid of Allah. Examples of these are Qus bin Sa'ada ; Zaid bin Amar bin Nafeel and some of the kings of the nation of Taba'ah.

 2) The second group are those who ruined the deen of Ibrahim and initiated the worshipping of idols. With great endeavours they forced the people to accept the corrupt belief of Shirk, and introduced their own rules concerning Haraam and Halaal. There is no doubt that this group is of Hell.

3) The third are those who through a lack of information remained independent of any sort of belief. Neither did they accept the Tawhid of Allah and nor were they party to any shirk or idol worshipping. This is the group that will not be punished. This is the group referred to by the first abovementioned verse.

One view is that the Parents of the Prophet belonged to the   Ahl-e-Fitrah.  No Prophet in the time between Hazrat   Ismail and the Prophet Muhammad came to them and nor did any invitation   from a Prophet reach them. But neither did they commit a   Kufr against a Prophet and nor did they reject any invitation. Therefore they are worthy of salvation.  


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